Hello everybody!! 大家好 (Dàjiā hǎo)

animalWelcome back to our Chinese Class by Gemmy and Affy. Today we are going to learn some animals names in Mandarin Chinese with Pinyin and nice pictures.

Let’s get started!  我们开始吧 (wǒmen kāishǐ ba)

First of all, we have to know the word “animal” in Mandarin Chinese which is 动物 (Dòngwù)
The sentence example is 去动物园看动物。(Qù dòngwùyuán kàn dòngwù.)
That means “Go to the zoo to see animals.”

Kangaroo in Mandarin is 袋鼠
English: I love Kangaroo
Chinese: 我喜欢袋鼠
Pinyin: Wǒ xǐhuān dàishǔ
Thai: ฉันรักจิงโจ้

Ant in Mandarin is 蚂蚁
English: I don’t like ant
Chinese: 我不喜欢蚂蚁
Pinyin: Wǒ bù xǐhuān mǎyǐ
Thai: ฉันไม่่ชอบมด

Horse in Mandarin is 马
English: I see a horse
Chinese: 我看到一匹马
Pinyin: Wǒ kàn dào yī pǐ mǎ
Thai: ฉันเห็นม้า

Tiger in Mandarin is 虎
English: I am afraid of Tiger.
Chinese: 我怕虎
Pinyin: Wǒ pà hǔ
Thai: ฉันกลัวเสือan1

Squirrel in Mandarin is 松鼠
English: I like squirrel
Chinese: 我喜欢松鼠
Pinyin: Wǒ xǐhuān sōngshǔ
Thai: ฉันชอบกระรอก

Mouse in Mandarin is 鼠
English: I see a mouse
Chinese: 我看到鼠
Pinyin: Wǒ kàn dào shǔ
Thai: ฉันเห็นหนู

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谢谢大家 (Xièxiè dàjiā)

再见 (Zàijiàn)

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Posted on Nov 10, 2015