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Welcome back to our Free Math Lesson by Gemmy and Affy, today we will show how to teach kids simple addition and subtraction.

We basically teach our kids math in everyday life but we won’t tell them that are addition or subtraction. It is Everyday Mathematics”. This is absolutely important for learning math because the key success factor is “understanding” not “memorizing”. 

If kids can get a handle on thinking with understanding instead of just plugging numbers into a formula, or simply memorize facts , it’ll make other math skills much easier to understand like word
problems. I have seen many Thai students can easily and quickly do addition and subtraction, when I asked them why it math2works, they’d have a very difficult time
explaining it to me. We can see that they could be able to do the calculation, however they don’t get the math concept behind it.

In my opinion, many tricks help kids done math really fast, but relatively useless when they get higher grade. I have never taught my kids directly all Math tricks but we have them discover by themselves and they did very well. We practice math with kids as daily basis. Anywhere and any situation, kids can learn math with fun. Remember that work at whatever speed suits your child. No need to limit them with time.

Give ideas to help your child create their own stories for mathematical. They will understand the math concept and having fun at the same time.

Math problem can also help building the relationship between siblings and create a strong, lasting friendship. >< I always have my son teach his sister addition problems. He will really proud of himself and try to do the best. Sometime kid teaches kid is better than adult try teaching kids. It seems like they talk in the same language and they understand each other better. (It might be because they are in the closer age.) Moreover, this can give your children a chance to develop important skills like teaching, listening, cooperating and being able to see another person’s point of view. I always see my son developed his own math tricks from teaching his sister. He try to make a kid story to explain math problems.

Last video, we use number bond to solve addition problem. Number bonds or Addition fact is a foundation addition sum which has become so familiar that a child can recognize it and complete it right away. Some schools use ten-frame to teach basic addition. These are all the same strategy using mental picture of the relationship between a number and the parts that combine to make it. I highly recommend finding number bonds worksheet for children to keep practicing because it absolutely helps building deeper understanding of math facts.

Thank you for watching, Stay tuned for next Math lesson. Bye bye

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