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Hello everybody!! 大家好 (Dàjiā hǎo)

Today Affy is going to show you basically how to write Beijing In Mandarin Chinese with Great Trick to remember it. As you may know that it is very important to follow the stroke order when you write Chinese character (汉字 pinyin: Hànzì). Although the proper stroke order is easily learned by following a few basic rules, there are a lot of Chinese characters we often use in daily life. This means that we have to remember a lot of Chinese words. The easiest way is try to remember the word with picture as Affy is going to show you from the video.

Let’s get started!  我们开始吧 (wǒmen kāishǐ ba)

There are 2 words composed for Beijing (北京), we will start with Bei

Trick to remember for Bei 北 : There are 2 sticks with 3 branches composed to be a big tree.

Next is jing (京)

Trick to remember for jing (京) : There is a one rain drop with umbrella to protect our little mouth.

However, you should know that “口 Kǒu” in Chinese means “mouth”

and “小 (Xiǎo)” in Chinese means “small”

I hope this trick can help you to remember the word Beijing in Chinese character. xoxo

Although you have known a good trick to remember the word, you should keep practice writing it too. I have created a writing worksheet of Beijing (北京) for Affy to keep practicing. You just simply download the PDF file below and print it out as many as you want. :)

I think this worksheet is quite useful because there are stroke orders together with sentence example in Chinese (with Pinyin) and English too.

Download: Beijing writing worksheet!!

Thank you everybody.

谢谢大家 (Xièxiè dàjiā)


Posted on Feb 9, 2016