Hello everybody!! 大家好 (Dàjiā hǎo)

Welcome to our Art class by Affy. Today I am going to tell you all about basic shapes in English and Mandarin Chinese as well as tell you how to draw each shape.

Let’s get started!  我们开始吧 (wǒmen kāishǐ ba)

Shape in Mandarin Chinese is 形状; Pinyin: Xíngzhuàng

Triangle in Mandarin Chinese is 三角形; Pinyin: Sānjiǎoxíng

Oval in Mandarin Chinese is 椭圆形; Pinyin: Tuǒyuán xíng

Square in Mandarin Chinese is 方形; Pinyin: Fāngxíng

Rectangle in Mandarin Chinese is 长方形; Pinyin: Chángfāngxíng

Circle in Mandarin Chinese is 圆形; Pinyin: Yuán xíng

Pentagon in Mandarin Chinese is 五角形; Pinyin: Wǔjiǎo xíng

Octagon in Mandarin Chinese is 八角形; Pinyin: Bā jiǎoxíng

Hexagon in Mandarin Chinese is 六角形; Pinyin: Liù jiǎoxíng

Heart shape in Mandarin Chinese is 心脏形; Pinyin: Xīnzàng xíng

Star shape in Mandarin Chinese is 星形; Pinyin: Xīng xíng

Cross in Mandarin Chinese is 十字形; Pinyin: Shí zìxíng

Diamond in Mandarin Chinese is 菱形; Pinyin: Língxíng

Below are pictures of some basic shapes, you may download each shape by clicking on the images then print and cut out for your child or classes. These printable are free for personal or classroom use!

You can find many more playful ways to learn about shapes on my card below. My idea is using these flash cards you can teach your child the complete basic shapes, color plus grouping, word spelling.





















Below you will find some of my favorite shape worksheets, you can simply click on the below worksheet to download each printable PDF file. You can freely print and copy unlimited copies of the worksheets.

Shape color1 Shape color2 Shape color3

Shape line shape line1 shape line2

More shape worksheets and activities

Thank you for watching, Stay tuned for next Math lesson. Bye bye

谢谢大家 (Xièxiè dàjiā)

再见 (Zàijiàn)

Posted on Nov 15, 2015